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What is GTCA?

GTCA aims at helping buyers and suppliers solve all issues to trust and risk in trade, in the way of endorsing Chinese exporting enterprises to international buyers so as to control risks in trade and promote to settle down trade orders safely and quickly.
Credit Level
Assure Agreement performance
Supplier Trade Assurance
Assure Orders
Credit Supplier with GTR-Assessed
Capital Security
Credit Purchasing Amount
Buyer Trade Assurance
Goods Quality & Timely Deliver
Credit Member or GTR-Assessed Buyer

How does GTCA help buyers in global trade?

GTCP Card-Buyer Now,Pay Later
Remote-Inspect Goods Quality Assurance Timely Deliver Assurance
Safeguard Your Fights to Claim for Compensation if any issuue to quality of goods with certain time
Join in GTCA
Sign Sales Agreement
In Production
Supplier Deliver
Buyer Take Deliver
Credit-Assured Suppliers Recommended; GTR Provided to Ensure the Capacity and Credit Situation of Suppliers; Remote-Monitor the Production Process
Remote-Monitor the Whole Process of Production
Excellent Services from Assured Service Providers

How to join the GTCA?

Become a Credit Member to join Credit Assurance system
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eGTCP Credit Buyer

Service & Features
  1. Purchasing and Order Matching
  2. Acquire Applicant Qualification of GT Credit Purchasing Card
  3. Acquire Qualifications of Great Tao Credit Assurance Program
  4. Enjoy Purchasing Reward
  5. Services of Credit Investigation on Suppliers
  6. Recommendation if Qualified Suppliers
  7. Working Offices
  1. Online & Offline Purchasing Match
  2. Credit Buyer enjoys services of account payable payment Term&installment payment
  3. GTCA Program offers trade assurance & fast confirmation
  4. 1.2%of the purchasing value for placing orders on eGTCP and using designated GT Credit Partners with services
  5. Credit buyer enjoys one service of credit investigation on suppliers (Worth$199)
  6. Credit buyer enjoys ten times recommendation services of qualifiedsuppliers and is arranged to have video purchasingconferences with suppliers(Traveling expense extra)
  7. GTCA Program Offers working offices in beautiful environment(F.g.Ningbo.Qlingdao and Changsha)