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Differences among 3 programs

  • Great Tao credit purchasing card, classic card


    Credit Line: 100,000 USD
    Credit Term: Up to 90 Days
    Time: 5 working days
    GT Designated Exporter: yes
    Advantages: Instant approval
    Easy procedure
    Low appicationcost
  •  Great Tao credit purchasing card, advantage card


    Credit Line: 10,000,000 USD
    Credit Term: Up to 180 Days
    Time: 10 - 20 working days
    Advantages: High credit limit
    Long credit term
    Flexiblity on exporters
  •  Great Tao credit purchasing card, vip card


    Credit Line: No Limit
    Credit Term: Up to 36 Months
    Time: Depends on your previous
    transaction histories
    Advantages: Advantage program+flexibity
    on logistics companies
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How to use GTCP Card for orders

GT Rating(GTR)

GTR (Global Trade Rating) is a company credit assessment system specially developed by GTR could help the applicant avoid trade risks after the applicant has the acquaintance with the most authentic and comprehensive situation of business credit and trading between himself and his counterparty.

Process for GTR

Application made

Required documents provided

Investigation and assessment conducted

GTR report issued

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