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Product Name Purchase Quantity Valid to
  • Children bicycle20002017/2/5
  • Cement bag10 containers per month2017/1/30
  • Air conditioning and solar panels5502017/1/27
  • 1. Aluminum foil container 2. Paper cups ,150ml, 1000000 pcs 3. vinyl Gloves,pp hand gloves 4. flexible straw 50002017/2/10
  • costruction block making machinery furniture,finished and semi finished 10002017/1/10
  • Rectangular tee nut30002017/1/5
  • A bicycle that the back seat can carry things.3002016/12/20
  • Party led lights and LED glasses20002016/12/25
  • Carton (gift box), pillow100002017/1/20
  • Solar Panel8002017/1/5
  • Farm and sideline product,millet,wheat,maize rice,etc3 ton2017/2/15
  • Mesh laundry bag10002016/12/27
  • Electric heating water tap5002017/2/24
  • Heavy machinery and others10002017/1/25
  • Nuts( Nuts М 27*1,5,Nuts М 42*1,5)50002017/2/15
  • Sewing machine industrail20 containers2017/1/7
  • Backpack6002017/2/28
  • Electronic goods, mainly cameras, mobile phones, notebook computers2002017/2/20
  • Acer computer3302017/1/24
  • LED magnetic column, Ceiling lamp magnetic column, Magnetic column of LED display screen12002016/12/28
  • PVC cosmetic bag10002017/1/19
  • Non-woven wardrobe20002017/1/26
  • Blanket quilt summer Sheet Bed Sheets blankets 2000 or more2016/12/31
  • Carbon brush, Car washing machine,headlight and tail lights30002017/2/15
  • ElectrombileElectrombile2017/2/23
  • Building material10 ton2016/12/30
  • Jewellery2002017/2/13
  • Safety shoes, steel bars10002017/1/5
  • Microfiber towel100002017/2/25
  • Carton(3ply auto virgin or 7ply ,3ply Auto virgin:(250+200+250)gsm)250002017/2/9
  • High qulity PVC1 ton2016/12/30
  • Paper in rolls30002017/1/17
  • Casing for iphone/ipad-Black1002016/12/30
  • Gift boxes55002017/2/9
  • Baby diapers & madicul syring iv cannula drep set adhessive Plaster,Another PVC Plastic wall paling30002017/1/6
  • Hexagon nut30002017/2/1
  • Bath gloves6002017/2/23
  • All kinds of stocklots product, such as household items, stationery, small furnitures, outdoor items, garden tool, toys, pet items,bags etc10002017/1/5
  • Laptop3002016/12/31
  • Self tappers screws50002016/12/31
  • Sodium hydroxide1ton2017/2/15
  • TBA 19 Tetrapak machine5002017/2/28
  • Computer bag5002017/1/5
  • Optical lenses2002017/2/5
  • Metal black screw10002017/1/17
  • Mountain Bicycle,Road bicycle 6002017/2/1
  • LED light8002016/12/28
  • Laptop10002016/12/31
  • 13 inch laptop10002016/12/31
  • Road Bicycle 50002017/1/23
  • Lamp LEDs400000/month2017/2/10
  • Chromic catgut10 Containers2017/2/17
  • Tires tube 100002016/12/30

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