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GTRewards Policy

You Purchase, We Offer Reward!

In order to encourage international buyers to do trusted international trade on, Great Tao has published a favorable policy that if the

international buyers have accumulated credit on, they could get more financing credit limit and more comprehensive credit

assurances of suppliers and service providers, improve the efficiency of transaction, and reduce the purchasing costs.

Max 1.2% Rewards of Your Trade Volume On

Who Can

International Buyers


Max 1.2% Reward of Your Trade Volume

Reward Valid

Sept 24.2016-Sept.23.2017

How To

Rewards Can Be Used To Pay Toward Your Next
Order Or Logistics Service Or Factoring Service

What Requirements Obtain Rewards?

1.Placing orders on eGTCP;

2.Placing orders towards recommended GTsuppliers;

3.Using GT partners with the international trade agent services;

4.Using GT partners with the international logistics services;

5.Paying through GT designated accounts and account numbers;

6.Entrusting the designated factoring service providers when annual financing volume > 1 million USD;

7.Satisfying four conditions or above as aforementioned and get a bonus.

Each Of The Above Conditions Provides A Reward Equal 0.15% Of Trade Volume As
eGTCP Will Add Up The Rewards According To The Online Purchasing Orders From The International Buyers

How to enjoy GTRewards Policy?

Log in eGTCP
Register as a credit
buyer to apply for
reward on eGTCP
Select completed
orders based on the
requirements for
using rewards
Submit the reward
eGTCP reviews the
eGTCP grants the
Receive the reward
in your eGTCP
accountto use for