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All Season Weight Silk Filled Comforters

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All Season Weight Silk Filled Comforters

Yintex's summer weight silk comforters are made using the most fresh silk floss taken straight out of the repositories of the best silk local farmers. Fluffy and lightweight, our silk-floss-filled comforters serve to protect you from the extreme hot and cold, as well as all kind of invaders to your bed from bacteria to mites to mold.
Cover Fabric: High quality royal cotton or pure mulberry silk.
Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand mulberry silk floss.
Side Zipper: Small zipper on the side of the comforter for silk floss filling authenticity inspection.
Shell Colors Available: White or Ivory.
- Why Silk Comforters?
Yintex's comforters provide you with the following benefits that down comforters simply do not have:
1. Temperature management: Yintex's comforters are made with freshly cultivated Mulberry silk floss and top quality 300 TCI (thread per inch) royal cotton shell, both of which are highly breathable materials that help constantly regulate temperature inside the comforter to bring maximum comfort throughout the night. No more waking up to sogginess in the middle of the night.
2. Protection from allergens: Common household allergens, such as dust mites & mold, have a hard time staying around Yintex's silk comforters. Silk, being naturally anti-acarid and anti-bacterial, keeps all the unwanted stuff away from your bed, allowing you to sleep soundly without worrying about allergies or asthma.
3. Perfect fit to your body: Unlike down comforters which needs to be constantly tucked in around the neck to keep the shoulders warm, silk comforters, being naturally soft, light and smooth, drapes over your body in a perfect fit, keeping evey part of your body warm the entire time you are in your bed.

Silk Comforter Size (Inch) Total Weight - All Season Comforter Total Weight - Summer Comforter
 Twin (67W*87L) 2.6KG 1.9KG
 Full (76W*87L) 3.0KG 2.3KG
 Queen (87W*90L) 3.5KG 2.5KG
 King (104W*92L) 4.0KG 3.0KG