Purchasing Industry Scope
Daily Necessities
Electronic Products
Textiles and Clothing
Event content

Rewards for inquiries towards suppliers

A. The buyer can get 1 USD for each inquiry towards the supplier when he has inquired over 20 suppliers

B. When the suppliers have quoted, the buyer can get 5 USD/each (up to 100 USD) for replying the supplier through Platform Message.

Rewards for placing orders

The buyer can get 1% of the order value (maximum 1,000 USD) as rebate for placing orders online via egtcp.com.

Each order that is concluded within May 5th, 2019 - Jul 4th, 2019 is qualified for this event.

Free credit evaluation (worth 499USD)

The buyer can get a free credit evaluation (worth 499 USD) if he has done the following:

A. login to the eGTCP.com for over 10 times within a month;

B. posted over one sourcing request and inquired towards over 20 suppliers.

Event explanation

1. The buyer shall be our 6C buyer.

2. The sourcing request shall refer to the Platform Standard for sourcing request

3. All rewards shall be subject to the Platform data.

4. Contact Customer Service, and you can get profit after checking your account.

5. eGTCP.com shall reserve all rights of final interpretation for this event.