6C Buyer refers to the buyer who has been verified

by eGTCP in 6 categories, and has detailed trade records,

in-time payment records and good credit status.









Purchased Products:LED Outdoor/Indoor Lighting, LED Sensor Light

Purchasing Amount:USD 2,750,000

Current Chinese Suppliers:16

① Shenzhen ***** Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

② ***** Lighting Appliance Co. Ltd.

③ Dongguan ***** Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.


Why Do You Need to Apply for 6C Buyer Verification?

Case Study

Mr Ashwin from Australia, one of Platform members, regards highly of the 6C Suppliers.

He has first-hand experience dealing with risky suppliers and eGTCP platform has helped him avoid huge losses through our Credit Inquiry.

Back in Oct. 2017, he encountered one supplier from Guangdong Province with very good price and the payment is 20% deposit and 80% against B/L. He was a bit worried about this supplier and decided to use the platform’s new feature--Free Credit Report on Chinese Companies to investigate further.

The outcome shocked him. Credit report said that it was a small factory with less than 5 employees and was also on the black list of companies with abnormal operation. Further investigation shows that it was a bait company which lures the buyer with extra-low price to scam for deposit. As for legal actions, it would be quite costly and probably a waste of more time & money. It would be a bitter lesson that one has to swallow.

Lucky for Mr Ashwin, he has saved a lot of time & money and realized that the Platform was a true partner for his trade in China. He became a 6C Buyer and. through the 6C Supplier Recommendation, he soon found a quality supplier from Zhejiang Province and planned to place orders with the company.

He also intends to use the Platform’s other integrated services like loading monitor and trade assurance to ensure that everything goes smoothly as expected.

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