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Guar Gum
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Changzhou Fengrun Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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Guar (derived from word guaran) is extracted from the seed of the Guar plant which is a leguminous shrub Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. Guar bean Gum is known for its water retention properties. It is an annual leguminous plant harvested at the end of year in semi-arid regions of India and Pakistan. Guar fruit is a pod; its beans have an average radius of approximately 2-3 mm. Guar seed comprise of hull, the albumen or endosperm, which is light cream in colour. Seed is made up of two hemispherical segments (splits) which surround the germ. Its major constituent is the polysaccharides and protein rich germ.


Gum of guar is an amazingly versatile and efficient high polymer hydrophilic hydrocolloid, economical in use and easy to handle. Its ability to form highly viscous colloidal dispersions at low concentrations, without heating, makes it one of the most interesting of the hydrocolloids. It is few of naturally available water-soluble gums, chemically classified as a galactomannan and possessing a molecular weight reported to be of order 200,000- 250,000. It is non-toxic and non-ionic, could be used with other synthetic and natural hydrocolloids. One of the most powerful water binder and viscosity enhancer, superior to practically all known water soluble gums.



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