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1. 高浓缩提取,只需轻轻一抹就能彻底清洁滋润身体每一寸肌肤。


2. 清洁度:彻底清洁肌肤,瞬间洁净。


3. 温和度:对人体皮肤温和无刺激,使用后肌肤不会出现任何过敏现象。































Red sandalwood soap

  Rosewood Toner is made from ancient soap, rich in red sandalwood extract, lavender essential oil, olive oil, shea butter, deionized water. The use of plant active formula, add the original red sandalwood essence, penetrate the bottom of the muscle, clean the skin, reduce dirt, improve skin oil and water balance.

Olive oil is called "liquid gold", rich in affinity with the skin affinity of squalene, absorb quickly, effectively maintain the skin's elastic moisturizing.

 Shea butter as "a woman's gold", rich in unsaturated fatty acids, easy to absorb, can strengthen the skin's moisturizing ability.





Rosewood Toner Features:

1. High concentration of extraction, just a touch of light will be able to thoroughly clean the body every inch of moisture skin.

 2. Cleanliness: thoroughly clean the skin, instantly clean.

 3. mild: mild skin irritation to the human body, after use, the skin will not appear any allergies.

 Red sandalwood - "Anshen fragrant wood"

First, the health of the wood

    In our pharmacy book "Compendium of Materia Medica" on the red sandalwood have such a record: red sandalwood have bleeding, pain, regulate the effectiveness of blood. It can be seen, the value of sandalwood in health.




Second, the stability of emotions

   Rosewood, the effect of a stable mood, it is because it can complement our yang, and thus achieve the purpose of opening up evil. Because in the process of continuous disk play it will distribute a "wood gas", this gas can not only "soothe the nerves", but also help improve the quality of sleep. People's minds and peace, and naturally do not want to worry about it, and can prevent the purpose of skin aging, so there is not much wrinkles "patronize" the.

 Third, rich aroma

Moreover, rosewood issued by the fragrance, in our hearts, liver, kidney, etc. have a good function of the role. Can be to a certain extent, ease the people's brain waves, so impatient mood slowly ease down, with a steady attitude. In the event of things to calm, calm, is the so-called "think twice" is the truth. In Buddhism, also think that red sandalwood has the effect of disaster relief.

 Red sandalwood - natural "oxygen"

    The following are the same as the "

    The human body and long-term contact with red sandalwood, ventilation can be replaced by pain, longevity, and thus become the favorite pedestrians, it is a rare treasure. It is said that rosewood has a magical effect of raising people, contact for a long time, some of them yellow teeth have become particularly white. Rosewood usually emits a substance called "lign oxygen", which can not only play a role in soothing nerves, but also can promote cell renewal and prevent wrinkles. Often contact with rosewood can achieve the regulation of blood, beauty Yan Yan role. In fact, rosewood is not only able to beauty, the rosewood sawdust coated on the skin, repeatedly rub, and then washed it with water, after the skin is like a layer of skin care products like a very smooth run. Rosewood has the role of beauty, in the red sandalwood can be extracted at the end of a beauty element.

    Red sandalwood aroma is relatively light, but good smell, it has the role of aroma, the ancients that aroma, can be soothe the nerves, people quiet and serene, but also can speed up the body's metabolism, often wear and play with lobular red sandalwood Of the beads, hand string, bracelets, hand pieces and other jewelry, our daily health is very good. The aroma of red sandalwood is conducive to the human heart, liver, kidney function, but also can make people feel balanced, serene, silence.



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