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Shenzhen Hongfeng plastic products development and design and manufacturing, auto parts, communications equipment, office supplies, medical equipment, network boxes, PDS, mobile phones and other suppliers
10.00 - 200.00 USD/Piece(s) FOB
90 Days
1 Piece(s)
5000 Piece(s) s
Shenzhen, China
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Hanking Plastic Manufactory Co., Ltd

GuangDong , China


Main Products: We provide sevice and product. For example, mould, network parts, automotive parts, 2k moulding, POS terminal, filter parts, telephone housing, medical parts, office parts, high precision parts...

Basic Info.

Patents: No Patent Certificate
Certification(CE,UL): No Product Certificate
Factory Inspection Report: Not Provide
Sample: Not Provide
OEM: Not Support
Type: Factory
智能: 自定义

Products Detail

We can customize the product base on your idea. Each product at least 13 procedures to complete it. Whatever your thoughts, you can tell us that we turn your idea into touchable entities. The general steps are as follows:

Your Idea——Systems Engineer——Industrial Design——Mechanical Engineer——Electronic Engineering——Prototype——Moulds——Perfect Samples——Certificated——Mass Production——Secondery Process——Assembly——Logistic.

One Stop Solution Provider. You could trust me.

We can proviede a variety of injection moulds, network parts, 2k moulding, telephone housing, medical housing, medical parts, POS terminal, filter parts,air purifiers, office parts, automotive parts and high precision parts, ect.


Plastic + carton packaging.

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