Lack of Purchasing Money in Global Trade?
Suppliers won’t manufacture unless fully paid?
I wanna increase order amount, but lack enough money
Get $100,000 Now
Reasons to get $100,000 Credit Line for FREE

GTCP Card (Global Trade Credit Purchasing Card) refers to the purchase credit line that eGTCP offers to the overseas buyers for them to buy now and pay later.

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I Received A Quotation, But How Do I Know It's Real?
Shorten your sourcing time from 3 months to 1 month


Industry, Products, Export Volume, Trading Buyers


Membership Level, Credit Line


Company Type, Scale, Brief Intro, Website etc.


Patents, CE, UL etc.


Country, Address, Email, Tel/Mobile, Wechat etc


Sample? OEM? Factory Inspection Report?
I Wanna Know More about My Supplier
Factory Inspection
USD 500
Know the factory conditions before production to make sure you place orders with reliable factories
Loading Monitor
USD 150
On-site loading monitor with report of actual loading conditions & results Know your loading conditions at home
Dispute Resolution/Default Claim
USD 300
Get the compliance assurance from your supplier and claim for rights and compensation
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"Thanks for eGTCP's great help for my business. The Company Credit Inquiry is very useful, which let me avoid many risks in advance."
Ankur Joshi
"eGTCP Platform has enabled me to do trade easier, we have purchased products of high grade together with financial support, since then our profit has increased by 30%."
Delphine Careen Denis Pamba
"eGTCP suppliers that the platform matches for us are qualified. Most importantly, these suppliers are trustworthy, let alone excellent quality and reasonable price of their goods."
Nurislombek Yusupov
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