Compliance/Dispute Service

Get the Compliance Assurance from Trading Partner

Quantity of the received cargo incorrect?

Cargo in low quality?

Delayed delivery?

What to do? Let us help you solve them all!

Claim Service

Claim for Rights and Compensation

Trading Partner fails to observe the contract terms?

What to do if huge losses are incurred?

Let us help you claim for compensation and save your losses!

Detailed Data,Everything You Need
Real-Time Status of Trading Partner
Detailed Factory Inspection Report
Summary & Feedback of Field Investigation
View Template Price: USD300

Name: Prakash Dhakal

Country: Nepal

Industry: Lighting

Under the protection of GTCA, our company will be fully assured in the future trade. Whether the quality issue is discovered before or after goods delivery, eGTCP will compensate us for our losses.

Name: William Jefferson Clinton

Country: UK

Industry: Hardware

After getting the compliance assurance from our trading partners, we’re no longer worried about the quality and material issues and so on. We’re fully assured with GTCA, so we don’t worry about trade risks any more.

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