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Credit Inquiry into Chinese Company

Why bother to check the Chinese factory yourself? Your time is more valuable! Our professional field investigation and detailed report (including the comprehensive credit status and factory conditions) of your trading partner will give you the trade advantage in the early stage of negotiation.

No trial orders, time saved.

Detailed data, quick and convenient with one-click.

Field investigation, know your factory conditions easily.

Quality control, avoid trade risks effectively.


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Credit Inquiry into Non-Chinese Company

Our massive data (including company profile, platform data, financial data and operation & trade status, etc. in 6 categories and 22 sub-categories)will help you know your trading partner in advance, so as to avoid risks and bring more profits.

Avoid risks anytime & anywhere, quality clients one-click away.

Detailed & accurate evaluation report, safe, efficient and convenient.

Ongoing massive orders, build trust to conclude transactions.


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Name: Ankur Joshi

Country: India

Industry: Food and beverages

"We can inquire into many information of our trading partners, such as registration info, real import & export records, previous credit records and information of associated companies, etc. The inquiry into supplier’s real business information enables us to judge and choose the supplier easily so as to find the right partners."

Name: SHI Jianguo

Country: Ningbo, China

Industry: Fan Accessories

"Homogenization and price competition have always been common in global trade, let alone the trade fraud and risks of unsettled payment. Because of the huge risks in global trade, it is quite essential to know the clients clearly. eGTCP Credit Inquiry is such a useful service to help me inquiry into the accurate conditions of the buyer and avoid trade risks."

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